Pop Tabs

Pulling For The Families

Pop Tab Collecting
Since 1994, Ronald McDonald House of Siouxland has provided a place to stay for many families seeking medical care for a child. Although each family is asked for a $5 donation per night of their stay, many families cannot afford this. That is where pop tabs make their impact. The money received from pop tab recycling not only helps to cover those families who cannot afford the donation, but also helps offset the cost for every family staying at our House. Families are never turned away for inability to pay.

Therefore, this is a great and easy fundraiser for anyone to participate in! Everyone can collect pop tabs for RMHC-Siouxland. Collecting pop tabs is a way to support a community resource, teach kids about philanthropy and the importance of recycling, and know that you are helping families in need. It is also a great way for us to raise much needed funds to help keep families close while seeking medical care for their child.

Why only the tabs?
The Ronald McDonald House collects pop tabs rather than cans for several reasons. The tab is worth more because it is a different type of aluminum alloy than the can. The tab takes up less space and can be cleaned and stored easily.

What about soup and pet food can tabs?
Yes please! We collect both aluminum and metal tabs.

Who can collect?
Any individual, service organization, business, school, or church group can collect pop tabs for RMHC-Siouxland. Thousands of dollars are raised each year from simply collecting pop tabs.

How do I participate?
Collecting pop tabs is extremely easy! Pick a container or bag with a large opening that you want to fill and when it is filled, drop it off at the Ronald McDonald House at 2500 Nebraska St. Sioux City. We cannot take tabs stored in milk jugs or water bottles because we are unable to remove the tabs from them.

Some tab collection placement ideas:

  • Eating areas at company picnic
  • Tables at a celebration event (Birthday, Weddings, New Years, Super Bowl, 4th of July)
  • School faculty lounge
  • Church fellowship hall or by pop machine
  • On the bar at your restaurant
  • In the break room at your work
  • In your can collection area at home

Any container will work, but if you would like one of the official pop tab collection houses, you can always stop by the House during business hours (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.) and pick one up, or you can contact RMHC-Siouxland at 712-255-4084 or info@rmhc-siouxland.org. We will be happy to get one to you!

What do I do with the collected pop tabs and what happens next?

Just drop the tabs off at the Ronald McDonald House located at 2500 Nebraska Street in Sioux City anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. There is a Red standalone Mailbox in the back of the house designated for pop tabs. Please keep do not dump tabs individually. If you have a large amount, you are welcome to call in advance and we will have someone help you with them. They are then weighed to determine their value and the recycling center will send RMHC-Siouxland a check for the total value.

To learn more about starting your own pop tab collection, contact the Ronald McDonald House of Siouxland at 712-255-4084 or info@rmhc-siouxland.org.